Friday, April 15, 2011


I was chatting to Morag yesterday about underwater photos, including one she'd seen at the Edinburgh Science Festival that featured a shot of a shark underwater and a nearby island above the water. Anyway, this reminded me of a series of photos by Neil Craver featured in JPG a couple of months ago, particularly the one here. There are more otherworldly under/overwater shots from the series on his blog.

Edit: Morag has tracked down the actual shark photo in question which is by Alexander Mustard and is the second photo in this gallery (it's a basking shark - they're terribly cute).


Morag said...

I've found the shark/island photo! It's by Alexander Mustard, and it's the second photo in this gallery:

Don't know how to link directly to the individual image, sorry!

Also never did manage to figure out how he did it...

Morag said...

PS - The exhibition is "Into the Deep", in St Andrews Square, Edinburgh until the 1st May. See

Michèle Dassy said...

A litlle question:
is "cool" better" than "interesting"? If yes i'll change my vote ;)
Have a nice weeken end!

Alcluith said...

It's not so much better as more "hip" ;-) "Interesting" is possibly more "serious" - kind of hard to say!