Monday, September 26, 2011

Carried Away By

Here's my shot from yesterday's levitation workshop in Edinburgh with Miss Aniela (also the model in this photo) which was excellent.  I think my Photoshopping and levitation skills still need some work, but I certainly learnt numerous incantations and got lots of new ideas ;-)

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I wasn't really happy with the previous version of this picture (which probably makes more sense in conjunction with its accompanying poem, hopefully coming sometime soon to a pamphlet near you...) Anyway, the librarian really needed longer hair so that it could hang in "rats' tails" on her neck, so I hired my model friend Heather (who is actually a librarian in reality) who, as you can see did a great job at looking worriedly waterlogged in her spellbound library (played here by the Level 9 Annexe at the Uni Library).

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Govanhill Baths

I met up with Morag and Colin at the Govanhill Baths on Saturday for Doors Open Day. We'd kind of assumed they'd just let you in to wander around taking photos and things, but you actually had to join a guided tour which made life a bit harder (though presumably lessened the chance of people falling into empty swimming pools and breaking their legs).

It was interesting nonetheless though, with lots of wildlife creeping through doors...

And around changing rooms.

The Escher-esque sides of the main pool.  We did ask if they might arrange to let photographers in to wander around a bit more freely (like they occasionally do at  the empty Lansdowne Church on Great Western Road) and they seemed to think that might well be a possibility.  So there may be more photos (from less peculiar angles) at a later date...

Sunday, September 18, 2011


On Friday I had remembered neither to pick up my umbrella, nor to Scotchguard my new shoes (again) and it rained all the way back to the car, which did at least provide lots of puddle photo opportunities...

Icarus Wind

I'm currently working my way through Thea Gilmore's back catalogue, having downloaded the album this song is on (it's actually "Liejacker" and not "Avalanche" as the video suggests) after hearing Razor Valentine  last week.  I really like the whole album, although "Icarus Wind" is definitely my favourite track (it also features a cover of "You Spin Me Right Round" which is vastly more creepy when you can actually make out what the lyrics are...)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Underwater TTV

I'd really like to try some underwater photography, but the cost of the equipment is a bit prohibitive at the moment.  However, Photojojo had instructions for making an underwater TTV with an old TLR camera (which is essentially just a box with some lenses and so doesn't have much that can be upset by water) and a Pringles tube (or similar). So I rushed out to buy some crisps and duct tape, filled the bath, then realised I didn't actually have anything very interesting to photograph.  So here is

 a polka-dot duck

the TLR being waterlogged (I quite like this one)

an amethyst (not very clear).  This one was actually completely underwater, which seems to have upset the focus.  I think my technique needs some work...

Sunday, September 04, 2011


Managed to get into the Library's Special Collection...