Monday, May 30, 2005

The Bum of the Flightlebee. Posted by Hello

Weir  Posted by Hello

Ducks in flight. Posted by Hello

Weeping willow reflections. Posted by Hello

Ducks. Posted by Hello

Grumpy cat (he was quite friendly actually, if a trifle grubby). Posted by Hello

Bird-bath. Posted by Hello

Wall-love. Posted by Hello

Tiny spider 1. Posted by Hello

Tiny spider 2. Posted by Hello

White flowers Posted by Hello

Michael and I decided to escape the furnace-like environs of the house on Friday (it was 31 degrees in Cambridge! ) and go to the beer festival on Jesus Green... Posted by Hello

...but the end of the queue seemed to be in Newmarket :-( Posted by Hello

So we set off past St. Johns... Posted by Hello

...and the wee studs on the pavement. Does anyone know what these are for? Posted by Hello

Spotted an infestation of Bookworms in Heffers... Posted by Hello

...aren't they cute? Posted by Hello

At last, we made it to the air-conditioned realms of Starbucks in Borders, where Michael acquired a Frappuccio... Posted by Hello

...which he cuddled for a bit... Posted by Hello

...and finally drank. Posted by Hello

A swan posing at the river on Jesus Green. Posted by Hello

And again... Posted by Hello

Lone snail. Posted by Hello

Some snails off to eat a flower... Posted by Hello

Friday, May 27, 2005

My feet in my new sequinned shoes - ideal for proving in... Posted by Hello