Sunday, September 29, 2013

Apple Tree

A few outtakes from the last weekend's shoot with Andrew and Matthew in their new school outfits (which handily matched the apples on the tree in the back garden).

The reflector (gold-side up) was a particularly useful piece of equipment, although it caused some consternation at first...

But was soon found to be very amusing in a tug-of-war 

and excellent for pretending to be the Sun...

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Mirror Maze

I'd found out recently that St. Andrew's Cathedral had acquired a mirrored sculpture garden, with inscriptions.  As this combined two of my favourite things (reflection photos and words) I headed along to have a look when I was in town the other day.

There's also a 200 year old olive tree

Overlapping words

 Split-sky and shadow which I cunningly take a photo of myself from the back...

a slab of sky

There are also some amazing murals on the walls of the building across the street, by street artist Rogue-One.  I would not have guessed there was so much going on under the Clyde...

A final, excessively chocolate-boxy shot of the Cathedral (they're clearly big on mirrors in general).