Sunday, April 29, 2007


The cat regenerating in the garden.

And other weird stuff...


Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Advert on eBay: "Length of purple silk rescued from a Liberty skirt." They can be vicious, those Liberty skirts...

Also, watch this space for the upcoming video of Julie canvassing in Coatbridge last weekend. Unlike your usual PPB with some numpty pontificating, this one has two bands, dancing, and lots of interesting people...(including Alison, Michael, and the pink bag in cameo leafleting roles).

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another Sunny Day with Rain

Uploading and embedding this time. This is one I did last year to go with Belle and Sebastian's "Another Sunny Day". You might not want to watch it if you're prone to motion sickness...

Pachelbel Rant

This is the same one I mentioned before - I just wanted to try out the embedding thing. And it's still funny...;-)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Graffiti again

I was looking on flickr to see if anyone had any ideas about the graffiti and someone else had this photo. Had I been paying attention I might have noticed what wall it was actually on...

Graffiti and trains

So, having printed the photos on Friday afternoon, it turned out that Street Level had lost their hairdryer and I had to leave the prints there to dry overnight. Once I'd picked them up I headed over to Morag and Colin's via a bunch of other photos...

I'd noticed before that a building on the corner of King St. and Parnie St. had some particularly weird (and unusually erudite) graffiti:

Catfeet! And circuit diagram.

Do giraffes have blue tongues?

This bit seems to have been attacked by a gang of poets, classicists and cartoon fans.

I'm sure it is.

What are we keeping scores for here?




Descent into hell (or Argyle St. Station).

This is Glasgow Central Low Level.

Cranes on a train.



Stained glass in the close.

Morag's new shoes. We did get her to click her heels together three times, but since she was already at home the results were inconclusive...

Cherry blossom.

Window in the West.


Here are a few more photos, scanned from the contact sheets rather than the negatives...

Chain mail

What is it with people and chain emails? Why do otherwise perfectly charming and reasonable folk think it's okay to send you a pile of sentimental, pseudo-spiritual drivel finished off with a threat?

It's not like they'd dream of sending an email than ran along the lines of:

My granny drank a lot of coffee. Every major event in her life was accompanied by coffee: weddings, christenings, births, deaths. Apparently she drank 10 pints of the stuff the night my mother was born and had to have her stomach pumped. But she really valued the near death experience this brought on and the memory of it gave her an air of zen-like calm (apart from the constant slight vibration of her person caused by the coffee).

Let me know if you want to meet up for a coffee in Tinderbox next week sometime.

If you don't meet me for coffee something really bad will happen to you.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Prints of Darkness

I finally got along to Street Level again and made some prints of the films I developed a few weeks ago. Apart from leaving me smelling faintly of vinegar and rotten eggs for the rest of the day (from spilling chemicals on myself, not that I was starting to decay from too long in the dark) it all went quite well.

The end of the Odeon

Weird advert


Alison and teapot

Michael about to do some archaeology


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Misc. Art, Poetry, and Music

I saw the art equivalent of a "Warning: contains nuts" label on a packet of peanuts the other day. The National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh is advertising an exhibition called The Naked Portrait which points out at the bottom of the blurb "Please note this show contains nudity." D'you think?

Meanwhile, Wordsworth's Daffodils has been turned into a rap to attract more teenagers to the Lake District. And someone has written a poem (or possibly another rap actually) accusing someone of a murder committed in Bath. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have led to any progress in the investigation so far, but
I liked the line "You can wipe your bloody hands in the grass, till they bleed..."

Finally, I found a set of online fingerstyle guitar lessons. Perhaps if I follow these and actually practise a bit it will improve my fairly awful playing, and ward off more nightmares where Art Garfunkel decides that the only way to help me is to tie my hand to the neck of the guitar...

Double Exposure

I had another go at doing double exposures on my film SLR and this time I remembered not to wind the film all the way back at the end of the first run through. You don't have any real control over what will be superimposed on what this way (unlike with the Holga), but there are one or two surprisingly apposite conjunctions...
Fair and pirate ship with snow covered mountains (or stones at the side of the river).

Giant teacup in the Clyde.

Very lucky double of the back and front of the Clydebuilt museum.

Stripy stall and azaleas.

Daffodils and chute.

Dandelion and whirly fair ride.

Kyles and Paisley Road.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


The sheep-colouring craze has now spread as far as Iona, where Alison photographed these stripy sheep:

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Red sheep at night...

So, one of the less awful features of Cambridge was the presence of Julian the Pink Sheep and his wooly brethren around the town:

And now a farmer in Bathgate has spray-painted his sheep red to liven things up on the M8:

You can see them here clambering over the M8 Pyramids. You may not have been aware that there were pyramids on the M8, but they are truly the 3,459th Wonder of the World...