Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Edwin Morgan International Poetry Competition 2009

I was across in Edinburgh last night photographing the prizegiving ceremony of this year's Edwin Morgan International Poetry Competition which took place at the Book Festival. Pictured above are the prizewinners along with David Kinloch and judges Polly Clark and Ron Butlin.

Paul Batchelor (1st prize)

Emily Hasler (2nd prize)

Sheenagh Pugh (3rd prize)

Diana Hendry (runner-up)

Polly reading some poems from her latest book, with Ron in the background.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Andrew wearing his stripy rugby shirt as part of the Iona 1st CXV. The shirts are woven from the wool of the island's native stripy sheep, and training includes lots of running about with books:
and playing the xylophone:

Monday, August 10, 2009


Some of my damper photos can be seen in the current issue of Qarrtsiluni, an online literary magazine featuring poems and photos.

Jamie and Louise's Wedding

I was down in Surrey at the weekend at my cousin Jamie's wedding (i.e. a different Jamie from this wedding) at Loseley Park.

The room where the ceremony was held.

Jamie's sister, Eleanor, being a bridesmaid.

We were all handed wee bottles of bubble mixture on the way out of the service so that we could blow picturesque bubbles in the photos. Since people at weddings more usually hand you a glass of champagne, Adrian and I nearly drank the bubble mixture, but realised in time...

Louise and Jamie in vintage car.

Auntie Janet with the Irish Wolfhound that belonged to the folk who owned the house. It was very affectionate. And very large.

String quartet
It was kind of muddy as there had been a lot of rain, and my heels kept sinking into the ground. Eventually I gave up and spent most of the day barefoot. Probably just as well I wasn't foaming at the mouth from drinking the bubble mixture as well...

There were lovely gardens, in a kind of "room" effect.

Eleanor with the flowergirls.

Heather and Adrian drinking Pimms on the lawn. With their shoes on and everything...

Jamie and the best man were beginning to panic at the thought of giving speeches (though they went very well).

Cake with Arsenal and Spurs bride and groom.

First dance.

Adrian took this to demonstrate my existence in front of the camera as well as behind it...

Full moon and old tree. There are more photos over on Flickr for really keen folk...