Monday, June 20, 2011

Amy and Bob's Wedding

The latest Chapel Choir wedding was that of Amy and Bob - held in a secret, subterranean location in Edinburgh...

(well, not that secret - it was The Caves).

Amy and Bob during the ceremony

Sheena with Ruth

Cutting the cake

Stephen, Eilidh and Katie...

...who had retreated, along with me, to a room full of the heads of stone cows where we discussed traditional wedding topics like chips, snakes, cars and spiders and were joined after a bit by the rest of the choir (who brought some of the tiny wedding-cakes, which were lovely - with flowers and lemon icing)


Iain and Chris with the controversial buttonhole that matched Amy's outfit

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Karine Polwart

Some of the photos from the Karine Polwart gig at Oran Mor on Friday. Only just made it as it turns out that folk musicians start only 1 hour after the billed time, not 2 hours like the average rock band...

The rest of the photos are over here, along with the rest of the k.d. lang pics here.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

k.d. lang

One of the photos from tonight's k.d. lang gig at the Armadillo. This was the biggest gig I've done so far and they were much stricter about the whole "3 songs and you're out" bit - in that you were actually out of the hall at that point rather than just merging with the rest of the non-photo-taking audience. My kit was relentlessly mocked as the other photographers had much bigger lenses than I had - indeed one had a lens that was just about bigger than me, but despite all this it was a very entertaining experience.

More shots of k.d. and her amazing, glowing shirt-tails coming soon at More Than The Music.