Friday, January 29, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Three Go Mad With Cameras

Morag and Colin came over last night to admire the Tiny Cat again and demonstrate a couple of cameras that Morag had borrowed from her Dad. Here is Freya about to carry out some sort of exciting manoeuvre with a tennis ball (we're hoping she might get a game with Partick Thistle sometime).

After a bit she got tired of being photographed and started biting people and so had to be banished to another room to calm down. (Colin was probably also tired of being photographed and wanted to bite people, but is too well-mannered to do so). The evening then descended into a wild stramash of cameras: here we have Morag trying out TTV with an SLR:
With just one camera here, but faked to look like she's through the Duaflex:
Colin actually through the Duaflex! (I think he was beginning to despair and had started texting SOS messages to non-photographers in the Glasgow area...)
Morag trapped in the Starflex!
Head over to Flickr to see more pictures from Colin and Morag of the Tiny Cat and the Camera Madness.

Mr. Fog

(The title is from a - probably apocryphal - story about a primary school teacher, used to conversing mainly with five-year-olds, taking the driving test. The examiner asked her what she would do "if Mr. Fog came down", and she replied that she'd "turn on Mr. Car's headlights". To which the examiner said "Mist OR fog, madam, mist OR fog...")

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Underwater Love

And you all thought the current problem in Glasgow was the snow...;-)

Thanks again to Nesster for the texture. I've now got my own Starflex and have almost managed to work out how to take a blank like this. It turned out to be harder than I'd thought - I either get too many rainbows or a whole lot of grime (which sounds like a country and western song). It's a terribly cute wee camera which actually fits in your pocket and I've actually been out taking some photos with it since I had a spare 127 film kicking about the fridge. It remains to be seen what will happen when I try to develop it...