Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Apple Tree

A few outtakes from the last weekend's shoot with Andrew and Matthew in their new school outfits (which handily matched the apples on the tree in the back garden).

The reflector (gold-side up) was a particularly useful piece of equipment, although it caused some consternation at first...

But was soon found to be very amusing in a tug-of-war 

and excellent for pretending to be the Sun...

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Mirror Maze

I'd found out recently that St. Andrew's Cathedral had acquired a mirrored sculpture garden, with inscriptions.  As this combined two of my favourite things (reflection photos and words) I headed along to have a look when I was in town the other day.

There's also a 200 year old olive tree

Overlapping words

 Split-sky and shadow which I cunningly take a photo of myself from the back...

a slab of sky

There are also some amazing murals on the walls of the building across the street, by street artist Rogue-One.  I would not have guessed there was so much going on under the Clyde...

A final, excessively chocolate-boxy shot of the Cathedral (they're clearly big on mirrors in general).

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sunday, July 28, 2013


I spent the last few days down in Leeds at the CBBC Live event running digital making workshops with some of the team from CoderDojo.    We were saving the world from the evil Crime Minister with the help of M.I. High's agents and our young agents-in-training; an endeavour which involved web-programming, ciphers, and steganography.  Fortunately all went well and the world was saved (five times).

Rose, me, Oyiza (who plays Aneisha), Oscar (who plays Tom), Craig and Dan after the final workshop.

Leeds from my hotel room (both ways up).

And at night.

One of the many interesting sculptures round the city.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Beat the Dust

I was really pleased to get a poem in volume II of Beat the Dust's Literary Experiment edition:

"Inspired by the idea that no piece of writing is ever truly finished, we asked writers to take what they consider to be an interesting last line of any published novel, short story, poem or song, and use it as the first line of a new piece of flash fiction or poem"

Mine is based on the last line of Charles Simic's "Popular Mechanics" and can be found here.  (Volume I is still online and is well worth a read too). 

Each entry also includes the writer's top 5 song intro/outros.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Got the prints back from the aforementioned trip to the Botanics, although there were only two that were really even slightly interesting:

this sundial with superimposed flowers

And this one with a strange flower and superimposed lacy plants in the bottom right.

However, I also put in a film that had been in the camera and exposed, but which I couldn't remember actually taking.  This turned out to be shots of the park in fog and worked rather better:

Reflected chutes

A memory of leaves (I quite like this one - it has a vaguely tintype feel to it)



Swan on ice

Swans reflected

Monday, July 08, 2013

Found Plays

I've recently been fascinated by the Found Plays the Royal Court Theatre are collecting as part of their "Open Court" series.  According to the website:

"A Found play can be an overheard conversation, one side of a telephone call or a magazine article that you think belongs on stage."  

Particular favourites include "Evangelical Dave" and "Who Killed the Seagull".

This seemed a useful destination for the results of my terrible habit of writing down bits of overheard conversations in coffee shops/on buses/etc., specifically "A Photogenic Memory".   

Saturday, July 06, 2013


I was at the Botanics yesterday with Morag for an experiment in double exposures that went from "very controlled conditions" on Morag's part as she had a new 10 year old Canon EOS film camera with multiple exposure setting, to "no control at all" on mine with my Holga. We traipsed round the equatorial reaches of the Kibble dodging multiple weddings and their photographers and indoor rain from the sprinkler system, double-exposing anything that didn't move.   The film is currently in Snappy Snaps, but I also took these with Hipstamatic, though on reflection it might have been better to take them first to see what worked (which equally might just have taken the fun right out of it).

I think this statue is "Ruth", with some giant purple oxalis flowers and leaves overlaid.

More Biblical statues "The Sisters of Bethany" with some sort of large, fig-like leaves.

"Cain" wrapped in reflections.

I failed to read the name of this statue - but she's probably not biblical, as she lacks clothes and isn't Eve (she's round the corner and on the pictures being developed).

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Emoticon Hamlet

I finally found out what the cube-headed men quoting Shakespeare on the walls are: Emoticon Hamlet, a project by Australian artist Peter Drew.  It turns out he was also behind the mysterious pictures of people on the walls in Ashton Lane a while back...

Monday, June 17, 2013


I went along to the West End Festival parade the other weekend in the hope of getting some good pictures.  Unfortunately it's got a lot more popular since the last time I went along and the weather was so horrifically good that the entire city seemed to have decamped to Byres Road.  As a result of this (and not being 9 feet tall) the photos  of the parade itself are limited to this octopus

and a dragon.

(It was a nice dragon though).

By the time it had gone (mostly invisibly) past me I was beginning to feel a bit like this

so headed off to the relative calm and balloons of Vinicombe Street.   Morag was also there though and had had the foresight and organisation to find a better spot so was able to take some much more interesting shots.