Saturday, February 18, 2006

On the way round to the wee shop yesterday I spotted another great example of the Cambridge Evening News' headlines (others include "MAN RUNS CAR ON KEBAB FAT" and "DOCTORS DEMAND HORSE SCANNER FOR OBESE PATIENTS" - Michael suggested the latter might be so that they could scan the obese patients to see if they really had been so hungry they'd eaten a horse...)

Anyway, it turns out that Gonzo (the lizard) returned home on his own without eating any of the denizens of the city. Which is a shame. Particularly if they were the sort who steal bikes...
Gonzo returns
Lizard on the Loose

Another snowdrop Posted by Picasa

Daffodil without stem Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 17, 2006

People going into Trinity Posted by Picasa

Enigmatic grafitti on a wall in Trinity Lane. I seriously doubt they can feel my smile in this town... Posted by Picasa

Cherry blossom at St. John's Posted by Picasa

Cherry blossom and clouds Posted by Picasa

Entrance to Caius again, still closed, but in daylight this time. Posted by Picasa

Green window and cherry blossom Posted by Picasa

Snowdrops near Castle Hill (such as it is). Posted by Picasa

Magdalene. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 15, 2006