Monday, March 28, 2005

Why some see colours in numbers

"For example, people with synaesthesia tend to want A to be red, S to be yellow and Z to be black."

I'd have to agree with them, although I'd say Z is more of a very dark blue, and A is kind of pink. And clearly 5 is green, not red...

Monday, March 14, 2005

Michael put this "equation"** up on the whiteboard to try and ward off the excessively talkative cleaning lady in my corridor (sometimes if you look very busy she doesn't come in and start up a monologue about how heavy the door is/how awkward the hoover is/how many crumbs I've dropped on the floor).

** The Gromit Manifold Rate is, of course, the rate at which gromits manifold.  Posted by Hello

Here's a picture of my desk at work. Note the many cat pictures... Posted by Hello

Monday, March 07, 2005

Spotted this man's photos today on - they're very impressive. I particularly like the one of the bluebell woods, and the Lake District ones... Must keep practising...and RTFM.
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Have finally worked out how this script works...Am very dim...

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Today was another War Requiem rehearsal in which I sang more right notes than last time, but didn't quite live up to the marking on the last part of the Sanctus: "brilliant (as before)".

After that I took a few photos of ducks and things, nearly knelt in the leavings of some hideous dog (I hate dogs), saw radio-bike man stopped in King's Parade to retune his radio (he always seemed to be in perpetual motion before this), and met a giant rabbit called Groucho in the Market. He belonged to one of the stall owners, who said he was a French Lop and very domesticated, but he looked as though he was thinking much the same thing as the rabbit in this cartoon...

A swan drinking.  Posted by Hello

A friendly duck drooling. Posted by Hello

People punting next to the Silver Street bridge. Not sure why - it was ridiculously cold today :-( Posted by Hello

Water coming through the weir at the Mill Pond Posted by Hello
Would you embrace Non-Determinism?
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Saturday, March 05, 2005

My Dad spotted an article about this gigantic pigeon in the paper this week: (article here). Several years ago, someone who bred pigeons told me that the reason you never saw baby ones was because they doubled in size every day after hatching. This seemed fair enough, until Dad was sitting in the car thinking about it while I was in Tesco, and worked out that after a couple of weeks they'd be about 20 feet tall... Anyway, he thinks this one's probably about a week old ;-) Posted by Hello

A wee gargoyle in the back garden. He looks kind of fed up with the weather too :-( Posted by Hello


Testing the email thingy...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Gigantic Come and Sing

Found some photos online of the Gigantic Come and Singto help the Tsunami people, that was held in Gt. St. Mary's last month.
It's possible that I'm a small greyish-blue blob in front of a window in the second photo, but I couldn't swear to it..