Saturday, December 31, 2005

Curried Giraffes

Curry finally on Gaelic menu as 2000 words added to language

One of the new Gaelic words is "giraffe", or indeed "sioraf", which I expect will be very useful as the Utter Hebrides are overrun with the creatures...

Actually, I wish they taught us Gaelic at school, at least a wee bit. It's just embarassing to go up to the Highlands and not be able to pronounce the road signs. I keep trying to learn, but I'm rubbish at languages (no patience) and it's a terribly difficult language to get your head round.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Cat behind bars (doubtless the best place for her). Posted by Picasa

Wimsey looking pathetic in an attempt to persuade us to let her in to sleep on the bed... Posted by Picasa

Soundhole of guitar Posted by Picasa

Tenements on the Paisley Road Posted by Picasa

Tenements and sunset Posted by Picasa

Town hall again Posted by Picasa

Renfrew town hall and some pink clouds Posted by Picasa

Christmas lights in Renfrew Posted by Picasa

Whirly thing at the wee fair at Braehead Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Dark background. Posted by Picasa

Light background Posted by Picasa

Knight confrontation Posted by Picasa

Basking cat. Posted by Picasa

Enraged cat (after too many photos). Posted by Picasa

Tree reflections Posted by Picasa

Flowering tree. Posted by Picasa

Spinning bauble. Posted by Picasa

And now for a plethora of cat photos. Posted by Picasa

Washing... Posted by Picasa