Monday, October 31, 2005

Bouncy Advert

Michael spotted this fantastic advert, featuring a quarter of a million bouncy balls being thrown down a hill in San Francisco...

Monday, October 24, 2005

Blue Guitar

 Having gone in search of a more Claire-sized guitar, I managed to find this one made by
Luna Guitars which, like Daisy Rock, seems to be a company specialising in slightly smaller guitars for women.

Their "mission" (see webpage) seems to be to bring about world peace through the medium of small guitars, which is maybe a bit optimistic - though admirable. At least they seem to avoid the more bizarre excesses of the various menstruation-related products around at the moment with "Moon" or "Luna" in the title.

Most of these, while obviously very useful and used by lots of perfectly reasonable folk, seem particularly to attract the sort of woman who feels "empowered" by having periods - which you can only assume last for about 10 minutes and don't hurt at all.

Apparently some of the empowerees also feed the blood collected in these devices to their plants. This can clearly only end in your favourite geranium intoning "Feed me! Feed me, now!" in a basso profundo before trying to bite your arm off...

Guitars and Earworms

  Demonstration of the difference in size between the new guitar and a full size one. It's definitely a more managable size and with a bit more practice I will soon be a threat to Franz Ferdinand...well maybe if I hit them with it...

Actually, Michael bought their new album the other week, and we've both spent the intervening period with the songs on it doing battle with Magical Trevor for control of our heads. I can only hope Franz never do a cover version of Trevor.
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Bored now

  At this point the platypus and I got bored and decided to do a photoshoot to illustrate the new blog subtitle (see top of page)...
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Sunday, October 23, 2005

 Some toothbrushes. The people at Tesco probably think I'm a shark as I bought 4 toothbrushes (to photograph) and another one (to use). I must say that I dislike this new version of Picasa intensely :-(
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  More toothbrushes.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Daisy Rock

After years of failing to play the guitar I have come to the conclusion that it may not be entirely due to my incompetence, but partly the fact that my hands are too wee (and my previous guitar was strung like one of those things you slice boiled eggs with). But now I have found the answer: Daisy Rock!

Actually, they look a bit expensive, so I might see if Ken Stevens have any 3/4 size guitars I could try out, and if so stick some stickers on them. Then I will be able to progress towards setting up my famous band in which everyone will be dressed as silver eggs (with the addition of arms):

Monday, October 10, 2005

Magical Trevor!

look at him now, disappearing a cow...

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Michael tuning his guitar after restringing it. This seems to be a frequent thing with guitars (the restringing). Wierd. Apparently continued documentation of the process did not help it... Posted by Picasa

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On the envelope containing the electoral register forms. Clearly some people will go to dramatic lengths to avoid voting... Posted by Picasa

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The local neds think we're great, apparently ;-) At least they didn't use the "T" word (we were on a bus into town one night when there were a bunch of neds effing and blinding all the way down the road, until one of them mentioned that some guy they knew was "a f***ing twat", whereupon one of the others looked appalled and told him to mind his language...) Posted by Picasa

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