Monday, June 17, 2013


I went along to the West End Festival parade the other weekend in the hope of getting some good pictures.  Unfortunately it's got a lot more popular since the last time I went along and the weather was so horrifically good that the entire city seemed to have decamped to Byres Road.  As a result of this (and not being 9 feet tall) the photos  of the parade itself are limited to this octopus

and a dragon.

(It was a nice dragon though).

By the time it had gone (mostly invisibly) past me I was beginning to feel a bit like this

so headed off to the relative calm and balloons of Vinicombe Street.   Morag was also there though and had had the foresight and organisation to find a better spot so was able to take some much more interesting shots.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Brawth, How to Swim, Monica Queen and Thrum

Some photos from last week's Threads gig featuring: 


How to Swim

and Monica Queen and Thrum

The rest of the photos are over here.