Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Through the Pinhole

These are the first shots out of my newly constructed (and now mostly deconstructed - I overdid the electrical tape which made opening it a bit difficult) pinhole camera. Despite the man in Snappy Snaps being very disparaging of the likelihood of getting anything off the film, I think they have a certain, shoogly, overexposed charm...

Kibble palace.

Giant toffee and hedge. The ragged black border is the edge of the "window" cut in the inside of the camera that masks the film.

Light squiggles on the pond.

Cresswell Lane


David Given said...

Very old school! I think they turned out rather well.

You might be interested in this:

It's someone who's been building their own plate cameras using cheap flatbed scanners as the film. There's some very strange results if the object being photographed moves while the scan's being done.

Alcluith said...

Thanks - I was quite pleased with them! The scanner-cam is very cunning - if possibly not that portable ;-)