Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Caught up with Stuart who was back in the country for a couple of weeks and wanted some new profile shots for LinkedIn and suchlike.  Unfortunately we were stuck on dry land as the pond in the park here doesn't have any sailing boats (and is currently doing its best impression of the Sargasso Sea anyway).

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Clydebuilt in The Herald

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Last year Jim Carruth arranged for all the Mirrorball  'Clydebuilt' mentees to get  free passes to the Glasgow Jazz Festival with the aim of producing a collection of jazz-poems.  

After going to lots of gigs and most of us being converted to  jazz fans of one shape or another in the process, the book duly appeared and was launched at a very entertaining (and short, as my father pointed out approvingly) event at the City Halls where all the poets read.  (It must be said that the book was brought into existence largely by sheer force-of-will on the part of Jim in the face of all sorts of funding cutbacks).

Anyway, apparently one of my poems from the anthology is The Herald's "Poem of the Day", which has cheered me up greatly in the face of a looming dental checkup.  It's based on a performance by the excellent Arun Ghosh Sextet, who can be seen here (albeit slightly depleted in numbers):

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Magic Circle

Levitation is a tricky business - I burned my thumb and hurt my back. Maybe I should have practiced levitating pencils for a bit first...

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Sharp Shooting

Most of last weekend was spent photographing a machete for the cover of F.O. Machete's last ever E.P. "My Last Machete". It's a recording of the gig at King Tut's last November and includes songs about credit cards, pandas, and a lovely cover of "Teenage Spaceship" (complete with spaceship noises). You can buy a copy over at iTunes here, although it'll also be available as a 12" vinyl, hence the picture for the back:

Ghost Town


School's Out