Sunday, April 06, 2008

More Cove Park Pics

The ferry that runs from Kilcreggan to Gourock. She is actually called the M.V. Seabus. You'd think they might have come up with a better name for the poor thing; it's like the Navy having the HMS Warship. The other boats must make fun of her :-(

View towards Gourock from the ferry.

Hobbit-style shot of my cube (taken through the back door - you can see the reflection of the hill behind it).

Sandshoes, wellies and Cookie Monster bag.

Sheep with lamb.

Feet with a view. I tried waving my feet in the water, but it was very, very cold. Mind you, we'd had a film-maker guy along on the Tuesday night who seemed to be actually thrashing his feet around in it so that they could record the sounds...

More Hobbit-cubes.

Tiny red-sailed boat sailing on Loch Long.

Another sheep and lamb - there were loads of them wandering around the site.

Clouds in a blue sky.

Feet on a lamp (don't look at the socks, Morag ;-) I thought at first that I had this kind of white plastic stool/table thing, then realised it had a cable and plug. And it was actually a fantastic cube-like lamp!


Morag said...

aahrgh, odd socks!

It's wrong I tells ya, just *wrong*!

Lisa said...

Lovely snaps. What were you doing in the cube?

mhitheag said...

I love the ones where you can't tell if you're inside looking out or outside looking in. Perhaps that's a poet's perspective? Just watch out you don't turn into a hobbit, though, with all that underground living. I'm told that hairy feet is one of the symptons - are the odd socks covering up something even odder? ;-)

Alcluith said...

Morag: Nonsense! It's all the rage these days :-)

Lisa: I was off trying to write poems, aided and abetted by Polly Clark, as part of the Fielding Programme.

Mhitheag: Don't say that! I had a terrible nightmare a while back about having feet like a Hobbit - perhaps it was a premonition after all!!!! ;-)