Sunday, April 13, 2008

Last of the Mohicans

This is a fairly rubbish photo (I think I had the shutter speed set too slow yesterday and all my pics came out blurred :-( but aren't they excellent outfits/hairdos? I'd gone to meet Sarah, who escaped from her cube temporarily to have a look at Glasgow (apparently the Highland cows are well, but they wouldn't let them on the train at Gourock). After wandering round some exhibits from the GI festival at StreetLevel and Glasgow Print Studio we went to have a coffee at Mono.

I'd never dared to go in before as it has a reputation for such staggering hip-ness that I feared I'd be laughed out for being too nerdish and ex-computer-scientisty, but everyone was actually very nice and they do a very good coffee. Their toilets also have graffiti on a par with that in the University Library, including a religious-sounding sentiment in beautiful italics, a quotation from something or other, a complaint that the quotation-scrawler was pretentious for putting it there, and a further complaint that the first complainer couldn't spell pretentious. Fantastic. (We were also informed by someone who had written on the close wall in the StreetLevel building that "Plumbers R Gay". A bit like "Toys R Us" I suppose.)

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Heather said...

Ha ha! I was in Mono yesterday and evidently visited the very same cubicle with the 'pretencious' graffiti artist! That was after I managed to locate the toilets, camouflaged as they are by posters.