Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thirteen Lost and Found + Tattie Toes

Following the Session A9 gig the Threads of Sound folk were back at Stereo to record the launch of RM Hubbert's new album "Thirteen Lost and Found". Luckily this did not involve any kneeling.

First up were support "Tattie Toes" who played an exotic mix of songs (in Spanish and Basque and other languages), fiddle, bells, bass, and a huge variety of unusual percussion.

A change of lighting, and it was on to a one-off live playthrough of Thirteen Lost and Found, including the collaborators on each track.

Mary Kenny

Hanne Tuulikki

Alasdair Roberts (doing a version of one of my favourite - extremely gloomy and strange - songs, "The False Bride")

RM Hubbert himself

Emma Pollock

Alex Kapranos

Aidan Moffat

Again, more pics over on Flickr.

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