Sunday, January 08, 2012

Sprocket Rocket

Having spent the weekend wrestling with scanners I've finally managed to scan in some Sprocket Rocket shots - after going to the extreme lengths of reading the scanner instructions. They're still not that great as the scanner doesn't want to scan the sprocket holes, so I can either have full length scans without them, or stuck-together ones with them (where I persuaded the scanner they were actually slides. However, experimentation will continue and considering I was using a roll of 7-years-out-of-date film that should really have been twice as fast as it was (400 ISO not 200 ISO) they're not bad at all...

The Lion and Unicorn Staircase (with sprockets)

Unicorn with sprockets (from two shots stuck together)

Full-length unicorn without sprockets

Not a small nuclear explosion, but the Christmas lights in George Square (admittedly almost as damaging to the eyes). The join didn't work quite so well here...

Heather, Adrian, TJ, Clare, and me in the mirror (this really didn't survive the underexposure, even with the flash-gun).

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