Monday, August 16, 2010

Step We Gaily

It was Morag and Colin's wedding ceilidh on Saturday at the Piping Centre with The Jiggers ceilidh band (who were really good).

Yellow dress

Dancing the little-known "Zombie Reel"

Morag with assembled Men in Kilts

Colin dancing the "Dashing White Sergeant" with Morag's mum

Well-coordinated waltzing

"Hooligan's Jig"
"The Swedish Masquerade" led by Colin's parents (following the instructions of the band - they didn't just decide to make everyone walk around like this themselves out of sheer devilry...)

Morag's mum had compelled Stuart to stop taking photos and dance with Morag... I was on main photo-duty for a dance. Didn't really do much dancing myself, although Julie and I did have a go at the Military Two-step (which is my favourite one - though sometimes it's called the Boston Polka) and only went a wee bit Steptoe and Son when we couldn't keep track of who was dancing what part...

Umpteen more photos for keen ceilidh watchers over here.

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MTA said...

I can only like this series!