Thursday, August 19, 2010

Edwin Morgan Competition 2010

I was through in Edinburgh yesterday, photographing the prizegiving ceremony of this year's Edwin Morgan Poetry Competition, only to hear that Edwin himself died this morning at the age of 90...

David Kinloch introducing the proceedings

Robert Crawford, who had judged the competition...

...along with Kathleen Jamie.

A.B. Jackson, who won first prize

Second prizewinner Nick MacKinnon

Richard Lambert who was Highly Commended... was Susan Grindley.

Line-up at the reception afterwards - held in a very fancy building in Charlotte Square. The room itself had a number of feather boas and red roses strewn about decoratively. We managed to avoid anyone getting up and dancing on the table wearing them, though (or at least they hadn't by the time I left).

Badly lit pic of Sandy Hutchison chatting to Nick MacKinnon and his wife.

Equally horribly lit photo of Susan Grindley and Richard Lambert having a discussion involving complex poetical hand gestures (as a trainee poet I have only learn a few of the more straightforward ones so far...)

Afterwards, Gilly and I went to have coffee and pudding with her visiting American friends Sharon and Ernie in Browns nearby. Sharon and I both had an "Eton Mess" but it wasn't really anything like I'd imagined (i.e. something like this:

pic from here) as there were a whole lot of wee, mad bits of white chocolate and no discernable pieces of meringue. Gilly and I did consider complaining, but weren't sure we'd be convincing as Old Etonians... However, the conversation and real, live jazz pianist in the corner made up for this. If you're off to the Book Festival yourself though, remember - Browns: good with pianos; unclear on puddings...

Lit up building on the way back to the train

The world's shortest fireworks display (as seen through lots of trees)

The Castle and stuff (but without fireworks)

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