Monday, February 09, 2009

Snow and Mirrors

I went into town today to meet up with Jonathan, whom I hadn't seen for ages, and who let me take lots of really bad photos of him over coffee. This one turned out quite well though, in an oddly lit kind of way, and I rather like it.
I'd taken the train working on the assumption that it would be quicker since I wouldn't need to find somewhere to park it at the other end, but this wasn't necessarily true as it turns out they only run about 3 trains a day on a Sunday. So I had to hang about the platform taking photos for a while. (It's true that they didn't make me park the train though, which was a relief...)

I'd set off wearing my lovely pink sandshoes, which may have been a mistake...

I might have been better off with the lovely spotted wellies instead (are you satisfied now, Morag? ;-)

Paisley looking lovely in the snow...

Exchange Place

This one seems to have a touch of "1984" about it, with the big screen at the end of Buchanan Street...

Back home, it seems that it's nearly impossible to escape the terrible onslaught of Valentine's Day: even the snow is heart-shaped (largely because I couldn't find the star-shaped filter, mind you.)

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Morag said...

> (are you satisfied now, Morag? ;-)

Yes, yes I am :-)
Fab photos! (and fab wellies)