Tuesday, February 03, 2009

great capture - an instant fave!

great capture
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flickr is big on encouraging people to leave comments on each other's photos. This is generally much appreciated, but there are a number of "standard comments" that turn up frequently that are a bit daft.

Anyway, a while back, Stuart went into Kelvingrove Art Galleries and applied various such comments on peel-off sticky labels to the walls next to a selection of artworks. He then photographed them and removed them (though it would no doubt have been funnier - if more enraging to the museum staff - if he'd left them).

But now the flickr group "flickr in the real world - instant fave!" have muscled in on the idea and produced wee cards along these very lines!

Stuart should clearly sue...


Stuart said...

I did leave them! I'm cheeky like that.

There's still some residue on one of the exhibits, but it's a crap one, so that's okay.

Alcluith said...

You mean the Museum removed your friendly comments? The swine! ;-)