Sunday, February 17, 2008

Still Burning

I was out last night at the first performance of Dave Whyte's song cycle based on
Donny O'Rourke's book "One Light Burning".

Donny Reading Film Noir - which didn't become a song, exactly, but had lots of accompaniment, as pictured below:

Eddie McGuire playing some Chinese influenced tunes. I remember the percussionist (whose name I didn't manage to catch) playing the harp at a similar event last year, but this time she had lots of unusual percussion instruments. This one was a bit like a very tuneful bin lid...

Elizabeth, a fiddler from Orkney.

Donny and Dave sing about the river.

Birthday cakes and candle.

Larry Butler.

Donny watching Peter Nardini choose a harmonica (he had lots secreted about his person).

Eddie McGuire.

Siobhean McCloskey talking about her trip to the Himalayas to help build a village school.

Taking a bow.

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