Thursday, February 21, 2008

Quantum Sense

I was up looking at the Anatomy Lecture Theatre today with David and Martin, to see how it would work out for the Simon Armitage talk next month. I've never been in the Anatomy department before and was a bit scared that I'd walk in and immediately find myself surrounded by dead bodies being disected by heartless medics. Luckily, this wasn't the case.

While we were there we also had a look at the Anatomy Museum, which was actually less horrifying than I'd expected. I'd always imagined a small dusty room filled with jars of appalling deformities, but it's actually a very light, airy room. As long as you walk down the middle and don't look to the sides too much, it's fine. Mind you, there was a couple there who seemed to have come out for a romantic walk round it and they were getting quite amorous. Which was a wee bit disturbing...

After that I went on a mad postering spree, taking in some turrets:

and Michael, who I hoped might be able to insinuate a poster into the Research Club. He said he didn't actually have a key any more, but I took his photo anyway. He was very pleased, as you can see. Or maybe it's because I was leaving at that point...

After that, I went down to Byres Road with more posters and went into Thornton's where a couple of women were talking about a colleague whom they felt was a bit arrogant because she'd been to Uni. And somebody else they knew who was doing Quantum Physics at Paisley (I'm not sure what he had to do with it). One woman then said "Of course anybody can learn quantum physics. If you've got a month and someone to show you how to do it. But you can't be taught common sense."

I think she's maybe being a bit optimistic on the quantum physics front. I did a couple of months of it at one point and ended up none the wiser. But she's quite right about the common sense. The upshot of all this being that I can neither do quantum physics, nor do I have any common sense. Bugger.

Anyway, just before I went to catch the bus home, I dropped in to Oxfam where I bought a Russian Cookie Monster bag! Isn't it fantastic?


Heather said...

This bag is very possibly the epitome of cool. I expect students everywhere to be frantically trying to buy replicas on ebay in the wake of your trend-setting discovery.

Anonymous said...

What is the label of this bag!
I am willing to pay tons for it!