Friday, January 11, 2008


I went up to DCS today to catch Peter's leaving presentation before he heads off to the bright mountains of Switzerland:

Then headed off past the maths building and the moon:

to the Library where, since I now have a DACE-type matric card, I could actually get in!

As usual when surrounded by lots of books, I found myself being pulled into some sort of vortex

but managed to come out with only three books. This should be enough to run up some respectable fines though. The ones at Renfrew library are pathetic; you can pay them off without having to take out a mortgage.

The following is a shot from the 9th floor (where I'd gone in search of some Martian poems). I didn't stop to check out the grafitti in the toilets. It used to get noticeably better the further up the library you went: on the 1st floor (Physics, Maths, Computing) it was dull or non-existent, but got increasingly soap-opera-like and/or existential as you headed up the building towards Philosophy and Theology (particularly wild for some reason).

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