Sunday, November 11, 2007

More action!

My parents didn't move quite quickly enough today and so got roped into the whole horrible lighting experiment:

My mum, in particular, hates having her photo taken, but was very good about it. Though I'm not sure what she's thinking in this next one...
"Dear God, why did we let her have a camera when she was a child?"

While I was in Jessops getting the hot-shoe converter gadget yesterday I also bought a diffuser for my flash gun. My usual approach is to hold a hanky over the flash, but this can look a bit unprofessional. Particularly if you've got the cold... Anyway, this one looks like a tiny shower-cap and, as well as being the cutest camera gadget ever, seems to be really pretty effective.

I'm supposed to take some informal photographs of some of the Hunterian's collection of rocks for Morag tomorrow (that sounds a bit like the rocks will be lounging around in casual dress - I just meant it's not a terribly official thing, just some snapshots for Morag to use in her work with the museum). Anyway, I tried taking a photo of my own pet rock (an amethyst) first without it:

Then with it:

I think the shower-capped photo is definitely less burnt out and the colour's better.

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