Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hunterian Rocks

After yesterday's casual rock photography Morag let me loose to take photos of some of the other exhibits in the Hunterian (which is looking very flash after its recent renovation).

Triceratops (currently missing lower jaw after the over-enthusiastic appreciation of one visitor, but should be fixed soon).

The main gallery.

Danse Macabre.

A very fancy amethyst.

Some sort of crystal porcupine (this is probably not a technically accurate description).

A truly terrifying sculpture. It was meant to be spinning round, but luckily wasn't.

Small statues.

James Watt and the small statues.

Elephant skeleton.

Giant ammonite (which you are allowed to pat).

A plesiosaur tries to catch itself.

Three small statues marked "Burmese Image of Guadama".


Shrig said...

The b&s skeleton shot is very cool :) Love these shots.

Alcluith said...

Thanks, Heather!