Saturday, July 06, 2013


I was at the Botanics yesterday with Morag for an experiment in double exposures that went from "very controlled conditions" on Morag's part as she had a new 10 year old Canon EOS film camera with multiple exposure setting, to "no control at all" on mine with my Holga. We traipsed round the equatorial reaches of the Kibble dodging multiple weddings and their photographers and indoor rain from the sprinkler system, double-exposing anything that didn't move.   The film is currently in Snappy Snaps, but I also took these with Hipstamatic, though on reflection it might have been better to take them first to see what worked (which equally might just have taken the fun right out of it).

I think this statue is "Ruth", with some giant purple oxalis flowers and leaves overlaid.

More Biblical statues "The Sisters of Bethany" with some sort of large, fig-like leaves.

"Cain" wrapped in reflections.

I failed to read the name of this statue - but she's probably not biblical, as she lacks clothes and isn't Eve (she's round the corner and on the pictures being developed).

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