Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Highland Fling

I got the chance to go along to another social media call at Scottish Ballet  on Saturday.  This time at the Theatre Royal to watch part of a class for the dancers before the matinee performance of "Highland Fling", a Matthew Bourne ballet based on "La Sylphide" which I'd managed to get along to the evening before.  It's a wild, funny, tartan-drenched affair with drugs, tarot cards and sylphs like zombie fairies.  The Glasgow run has finished, but the company are on tour with it round Scotland at the moment, so if it's on near you you should definitely go and see it.

 Rehearsal pianist (and very tartan scenery)

Scenes of levitation

My camera was struggling a wee bit with the lower light levels so I also took a few shots with an unreasonably long shutter speed for the motion-blur-colour effects... 

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