Sunday, March 17, 2013


I was at Kelvingrove museum on Saturday morning with a batch of Clydebuilt poets to prepare for a masterclass with Cole Swensen at the Writing Into Art conference that we've all been invited to take part in. After the workshop with David Kinloch (during which I decided that Mlle de Foudras did not like Corot) we got to look around a bit and I finally managed to take the obligatory photo of the floating heads. 

Plus a Harpy downstairs, who seemed quite sad.

And the giant Irish Elk which I had spotted when I was at a Tallis Scholars concert in the museum last year and been quite fascinated by (it was not singing).  Although I wouldn't want to meet one on a dark night even if it wasn't in skeletal form.

Isn't it an impressive beast?  According to the (rather simplified, presumably for children) description beside it, it lived in Scotland during the Ice Age.  

Downstairs there was an eye on the wall - possibly transplanted from the Art School, the wall of which it had first appeared on...


Julie said...

Goad, that harpie plus heads looks like something out of Blink on Dr Who.. Like your James Bond shot as well..

MARIE said...

So strange quite frightening !