Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mackintosh View

I was at the Art School today taking some portrait shots of Glasgow writer Ellen McAteer.  In the process of which Ellen very kindly gave me a tour round the building giving me the opportunity to take a few shots of bits of the Rennie Mackintosh building.

View over Glasgow from the "Hen Run" where the male students used to be able to catch a glimpse of the first women students at the Art School on their way between classes.  This is the long, glassed in corridor you often see people being interviewed in in programs about the Art School.

Skylight (there's a whole corridor of these)

Vaguely Escher-esque stairwell, built from polished concrete (which is apparently known as "Glasgow Marble").

Statue in a corridor.  There were a lot of statues.  In fact it was a bit like being back at primary school where there were lots of holy statues, only these ones had fewer clothes and fewer heads (in that many of the statues were headless, not because I was brought up in  a particularly bizarre sect of Catholicism which featured multi-headed saints).

Continuing the churchy theme - a font in a stairwell, right next to the emergency telephone.  

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