Sunday, February 12, 2012

32 Miles to Breakfast

The 32 Miles to Breakfast guys have just been signed to Bravesoul Records, so were looking for some new photos (particularly as they've recently acquired an additional member).  Despite a sudden attack of heavy rain (after days of cold-but-sunny) we headed out first to Ashton Lane

Then went down to the abandoned Bandstand and arena in Kelvingrove Park, where the combination of moss-covered red-blaes gives the ground a particularly weird texture - like snow that's frozen into a crust.  Only green and fuzzy…

we did try a few "floating" shots in the style of Cole Rise, but they turned out to be every bit as difficult as you might expect - particularly with 5 people - and William's hair kept giving the game away.

James (drums)

William (guitar)

Dennis (keyboards)

Alex (vocals and guitar)

Mike (bass).

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