Tuesday, December 06, 2011

I'm forever blowing bubbles

My usual lunch date at Di Maggio's was combined with an emergency photo-shot for the December picture in their Christmas calendar.  As luck would have it I'd just given Morag a loan of my flash-gun, so we had to rely on on-camera flash with a hanky over it (to lessen glare a bit).  However, I managed to get some shots (thanks largely to Alison and some cunningly deployed  bubble mixture).

Matthew and the bubbles

Andrew does something complicated with straws while Matthew receives messages from the Heavens (or possibly spots some more bubbles just out of shot).

1 comment:

Morag said...

Ahh nuts, if you'd told me I could have arranged an emergency hand-over of the flash!

Looks like you got pretty good results from the on-camera flash anyway.