Saturday, October 08, 2011

Live Re-mix

The Threads folk were back at Stereo last weekend recording/photographing/filming a gig featuring Kid Canaveral then Zoey Van Goey doing a live remix of their songs with GNGR.  

Kid Canaveral were on first (with the stage looking much flasher than usual thanks to artwork by  Katy Wilson)

There were also fairylights strung from the roof  in the style of the Old Fruitmarket.

Next up were Zoey Van Goey, who started off playing some songs in their usual style, only to be joined half way through

 by GNGR who did some live remixing while they played/sang.  I wasn't sure if I was going to like this much, as I'm not usually very into electronic stuff, but it was really good.  I particularly liked  the new version of the "imaginary 8-track" section in "Sackville Sun", which even featured some carefully choreographed "dancing" from the band :-)

More photos over on the Threads Of Sound flickr page.

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