Thursday, September 22, 2011

Govanhill Baths

I met up with Morag and Colin at the Govanhill Baths on Saturday for Doors Open Day. We'd kind of assumed they'd just let you in to wander around taking photos and things, but you actually had to join a guided tour which made life a bit harder (though presumably lessened the chance of people falling into empty swimming pools and breaking their legs).

It was interesting nonetheless though, with lots of wildlife creeping through doors...

And around changing rooms.

The Escher-esque sides of the main pool.  We did ask if they might arrange to let photographers in to wander around a bit more freely (like they occasionally do at  the empty Lansdowne Church on Great Western Road) and they seemed to think that might well be a possibility.  So there may be more photos (from less peculiar angles) at a later date...

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