Sunday, August 14, 2011

Slow Shutter

Trying out the "SlowShutter" app - I've not quite got the hang of it, but I liked the white car zooming into the bottom corner and the circles of rain on the window.  I'd just been to the CCA to an event organised by Polly Clark as part of Cove Park's summer residency programme:  a reading by Anne Carson and Robin Robertson.

I'm a big fan of Robertson's poetry and had heard him read before, but didn't know much about Anne Carson, although I had managed to get hold of a copy of "If not, winter: Fragments of Sappho" which has translations of Sappho's poems, but kept in the fragmentary form they were found in on scraps of papyrus.  Anyway, I really enjoyed hearing her read a variety of pieces (she has a very droll style of delivery).  One in particular featured "The Library of Water" in Iceland, with Polly reading some lines and Carson's  husband walking round the room doing a kind of large scale cat's cradle with a reel of pink string.  I'll be hitting the University Library in search of some more of her books...

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