Saturday, May 07, 2011

Throught the Pinhole #2

The University from the Library on a sunny day

Took me a while to work out what this is, but by checking through the contact sheet for the order I took things in I finally realised that this is when I slid the camera down a slide in the park. It spun round halfway through the exposure which is why the "reflections" don't actually match up with the things they seem to be reflecting.

Cherry trees in the park. What seems to be a giant slab of rock in the foreground is actually the bench the camera was sitting on.

Hope Street from a traffic light pedestrian button thingy

Trees and not very clear bluebells in Pollock Park

Me staring down mysteriously at the camera through some leaves

Andrew standing very still for 4 seconds in the back garden. With artistic bins.
Cherry blossom too close

Cherry blossom in the grass.

Weird creature in the garden

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