Sunday, January 23, 2011

32 Miles in the Fog

I was back at The Ferry, in the fog (which later cleared enough from the city centre to get the photos of the river in the last entry) to photograph 32 Miles to Breakfast. I caught up with them just as they were going in to the Ferry and we all narrowly managed to avoid sliding on the almost-vertical gangway thing and making an unnecessarily dramatic entrance (the river seemed much higher than usual).

There were a couple of bands on before them, the first one was very loud. Their drummer in particular played as though the drum-kit had previously upset him and he was looking for revenge... After that was Psycho Babe, who were less loud, more tuneful and whose singer and guitarist were much more photographically fun with flamboyant outfits, lots of hair, and lots of flinging themselves around the stage...

and indeed the audience...

and dancefloor.

Next up were 32 Miles, with several new tunes...

the whole band



Mike (and cool t-shirt)

James hidden away with the drums.

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