Thursday, October 22, 2009

Elina Brotherus

While I was trying to get from the Tate Modern to Elephant and Castle to meet Adrian and Heather (no mean feat without the help of Sean the Irish Satnav) I got sidetracked by an exhibition of photos in a gallery called the Wapping Project (their website is here, but I do not understand it - there are a lot of arrows...) I was very taken by the photos, which turned out to be by a Finnish photographer, Elina Brotherus (her website is here - it's perfectly coherent).

I was a bit put out when one of the gallery people asked a man standing nearby if he wanted to see the price list, but didn't ask me. How could she be so sure I was actually a duffle-coat-clad scruff and not an eccentric millionaire? Anyway, here are some of the pictures I particularly liked:

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Michèle Dassy said...

That Elina Brotherus makes so strange and pleasant photographs.
You gave me the idea to go and discover other ones on google.