Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Writers' Rooms

The BBC have a slideshow with commentary of photos taken by Eamonn McCabe of various writers' rooms which is strangely fascinating (I'm very nosy). I particularly liked Martin Amis's room which has a glass ceiling with a tide of fallen leaves creeping across it, the big painting in J.G. Ballard's room, and Ian Rankin's window.

On the other hand, Beryl Bainbridge's room is Victorian-novel creepy with a dead ship in a tank (or maybe it's still alive, and she keeps it like a goldfish); A.L. Kennedy's blood-red nightmare appears to reflect her short-stories/novels (good but gloomy) rather than her blog (often very amusing); and, disappointingly, Craig Raine's didn't contain a single Martian or flying book...

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