Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ninjas with Bullets

On Tuesday night Vital Synz was at Sloans, where Chloe Morrish was reading from "Three Little Ninjas" and Brian Turner from "Here, Bullet":


luke BAKING barker said...


thanks for these great photos of the Vital Synz events - these should be on the official web site, I reckon! Shame there was not many people at this event - I thought both speakers were excellent.

Luke (Infinite Eye)

Alcluith said...

Thanks, Luke! Sorry I didn't say hi on Tuesday -Martin said you were there. I think he's going to sort out a time for us both to come over and chat with you about things for the website (like photos and whatnot). Glad you enjoyed the event!

luke BAKING barker said...

hiya Claire. Mega thanks for your reply, shall deffo try to get the photos on sometime in the next fortnight - I shall check with Martin and so on. Excellent if you want to come to the office sometime too - Martin had said you might accompany him one day already in fact.

I'd like to see if we can get podcasts of events on there too at some point. that'd be cool.

I shall join the flickr group too. You should start a facebook one as well - I think you are more Web savvy than me at this stuff!

I created a group on there yesterday (for something else) -- I have no memebrs too and will feel like a lone voice in the wilderness tinf-foil hat dude until I do.


('s for a chess group)

back to work , despite the Easter-y ness of today, bah!

Alcluith said...

Hi Luke,

Podcasts would be great - we had thought about doing this, but didn't know how to go about it (I used to be a CompSci, but I was a theoretician, so I'm not that much help in practical matters ;-)

We do have a facebook group!

Good luck with the chess group - I'd join, but I'm indescribably bad at chess. When I worked in Cambridge everyone there was really into it and knew all sorts of fancy strategies they'd read about in books, so if I dared to play at all I was slaughtered in five moves...:-(

Have a good Easter!