Saturday, August 25, 2007

Edinburgh to Glasgow

Julie and I went through to Edinburgh on Thursday to hear Simon Armitage giving a talk. It was very interesting, but the Poetry Library, where it was held, reminded me rather too forcibly of the bits I liked least about Cambridge and by the end I had to be led away gibbering to drink some coffee. Fortunately I was so overwhelmed with Edinburghness I couldn't think of anything at all to say to Simon Armitage and so was saved from saying something completely lunatic...

Julie drinking coffee in Starbucks (we have no shame). Hopped up on caffeine we tried to recite The Lady of Shallot and wondered if we went and did this out on the Royal Mile we could become a Fringe show of "Badly Remembered Poetry".

Ferocious beastie and warning notice in a school playground.

A couple of inscriptions on the walls of the Parliament building.

Look carefully: it's a highland cow.


Notice on the Underground on the way home. I suspect this is the city's new motto to encourage folk to take more exercise...

Bike park at Govan.

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