Sunday, June 10, 2007


I'm still trying to scan negatives (the scanners that do it are terribly expensive), and this time it's colour ones since I've run a colour 35mm film through the Holga. This is likely to be a disaster, particularly since I'd forgotten to take it off the bulb setting after the last batch of night shots. But I thought I'd have a go.

Anyway, the idea is to end up with photos that include the sprocket holes like this one or this one. The black and white would be okay, as I could do a contact print of it myself, but I don't think Boots are likely to be set up for this and I can't be bothered having it sent away to a lab.

Here are a few attempts, some of which came out better than others...


Julie M said...

Ooh,like the one of Glasgow uni; looks like a Turner!

Alcluith said...

Thanks, Julie! :-)