Sunday, September 04, 2005


The people in this town appear to be possessed of a terrible compulsion to be law-abiding and tidy, and yet completely incapable of distinguishing a bin from a bicycle basket. Nearly every day I have to remove assorted crisp packets, chocolate wrappers, empty beer cans, etc. from the wicker basket on my bike (it's parked in the street). Usually I nobly take them into the house and put them in the bin. But the other day, I was in a hurry and so put a couple of lovely apple cores out onto the pavement.

Today I came out to find that, along with the wrappers and a cigarette end, there were the apple cores again. Which means it wasn't some drunken person, but presumably some busybody neighbour who must think I sit in the front room eating apples and chucking the cores out the window onto the street. Why else would they think it was reasonable to pick them up and put them in my basket?

If I ever catch anyone at this, I'm following them home and posting the rubbish through their door.


Dave Watson said...

Um =)

Is it alright that this entry made me laugh? It sounds like a really annoying thing to happen but I find myself smiling when I think about you leaving your bike out as bait and then following the dumper to their home =)


Alcluith said...

But it's deadly serious - I'm currently recruiting an army of the giant spiders infesting the house to be trained up to pounce on any basket offenders and tied them up until I get home and shout at them...;-)